Glooko Launched Advanced Version for Diabetes Management

June 12, 2018  Source: MobiHealthNews 281

Yesterday, California-based diabetes management company Glooko, launched the new version of their Web Application Platform; the newly updated site will assist users with more information and newly designed navigation tools with varieties of diabetes analytics, graph, and charts.

The newly launched site will also provide details on the effect that food intake, exercise, and medication can have on control glucose levels along with color-coded graph and charts which are focused at usability, bolus tracking features, amplified insulin pump reports, and statistics. 

Sam Wyndbrant, director of product management at Glooko, said in a statement “We have considered our customers’ comment and feedback to advance the new features that will assist our users to further separate the important data from background noise. Customers and health professionals can now systematically receive the functional details from their data better than ever before.”

Glooko advanced the site by using the features from Diasend and Glooko platform. These two companies merged in 2016 to make diabetes management easier, and they would leverage Diasend’s global capabilities with Glooko’s user-friendly platform

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