FDA Gives OK for mHealth Wearable to Combat Opioid Addiction

June 15, 2018  Source: mHealth Intelligence 262

The FDA recently gave the green light for mHealth wearable, Drug Relief, to help people in the process of opioid withdrawal.

The approval helps to solidify the FDA’s investment in providing digitally based therapeutics for opioid addiction as opposed to prescription drugs.

DyAnsys’ Drug Relief, a wearable that is worn around the patient’s ear, is a neurostimulation therapy that helps to relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal such as depression, anxiety and cravings.

Patients can wear the device for up to 5 days and are able to experience relief within an hour of starting neurostimulation.

Srini Nageshwar, CEO of DyAnsys commented in a press release "This device offers hope to those who are suffering from opioid addiction". "We are in a full-blown crisis and we need non-narcotic options and alternatives like this that can make a significant difference for individual patients and their families."

By Ddu

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