South Korean KT Crop to Provide Digital Healthcare System in Russia

June 27, 2018  Source: Cision 189

Yesterday, South Korea based KT Corporation announced the launch of a digital pilot project in Russia, in partnership with Russian Railways and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH), to enable remote medical diagnosis and treatment among hospitals in Russia.

KT Corporation, the largest leading telephone company on South Korea, showcased a telemedicine system at its launching ceremony of its global pilot project last week, that connects Central Clinical Hospital No.1 of Moscow, with regional hospitals in Tula and Yaroslavl, 200 km and 300 km away for the capital.

KT Corporation will enable collaboration between the central and local hospitals to aid in better medical services to patients visiting clinics in rural areas. With the assistance of the new system, the clinicians from the hospital in Moscow will be able to offer remote treatments via video, based on the diagnostic data will be stored and shared in KT's digital healthcare platform 'm-Hospital.'

Yun Kyoung-Lim, head of KT's Future Convergence and Global Business Office said "This pilot project is a great opportunity to improve medical infrastructure through digital healthcare. We will actively expand our digital healthcare business to help patients in medically underserved areas."

The Memorandum of understanding was signed in December 2017 by Russian Railway and The Korean telecom provider to jointly develop a mobile diagnostic solution for primary care at medical centers in Russian rail stations and trans-Siberian trains.

By Ddu