Sensome Raised $5.4 Million to Outfit Ischemic Stroke Treatment

June 12, 2018  Source: MobiHealthNews 297

Paris-based startup company Sensome, which produce world smallest sensors to identify biological tissues, announced yesterday that they have received $5.4 million funding led by Kurma Partners to help market their latest smart stroke guidewire, Clotild.

Sensome’s latest developed Clotild is focused on treating ischemic strokes. The company stated that even though there are numerous methods available for the treatment of the blocked brain arteries, it is difficult to ensure the right treatment or to control it, without identifying the composition of the clot first.

Franz Bozsak, CEO, and co-founder of Sensome, said in a statement “The new investment by Kurma Partner will allow us to bring Clotild through clinical testing and to market the product in the entire Europe; the new fund will also help us to explore the next applications of our technology.” 

The technology identifies biological tissue via an impedance-based micro-sensors combined with machine learning algorithms. By mounting the Clotild system onto a probe, it will be able to enter a stroke patient’s blood vessels enabling doctors to select the correct tools for treatment.

The Paris-based company started on the project in 2014, prior to this new funding the company also received two seed funding round of $6.7 Million 

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