Israel Based Startup Raised $30 Million to Advance AI Devices For Radiologist

June 8, 2018  Source: TechCrunch 213

Israel based, startup Zebra Medical Vision, yesterday announced that it has received Series C funding of $30 million from healthcare tech fund aMoon Ventures and other investor members such as Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Aurum. To date, Zebra Medical has raised $50 million in total. The company is focusing on advancing the devices for radiologists through Deep Learning. With this new investment, Zebra is planning the new hires that can help pick up the pace of the development of its analytics engine and its GTM strategy

The startup also revealed its new research on Textray, which the company claims to be the “most comprehensive Artificial Intelligent research till now.” This is all working towards developing their new product which is currently capable of identifying 40 clinical findings as a result of training via 2 million images.

 “Zebra differentiate its approach at its computation from a holistic product view. Advancing an algorithm is different. But combining it into the workflow, modifying it to the wants of multiple healthcare environments and countries, updating and supporting it, takes tremendous attention and that’s what brings value, in addition to an algorithm.” stated  Elad Benjamin, Founder, and CEO- Zebra Medical Vision.

By Ddu