iBeat Raises Investment for its Continuous Monitor mHealth Wearable; Heart Watch

June 8, 2018  Source: MobiHealthNews 288

San Francisco-based company iBeat, an mHealth wearable development company has announced new funding from form SCOR Life & Transamerica Ventures and Health Ventures for its mHealth devices, Heart Watch which continuously monitors the heart. iBeat did not state what the total amount was, only that the investments round was “upward of seven figures”.

 “The Heart Watch is one of a kind which keeps continuous monitoring of the heart and offers life-saving assistance in the most critical situation.” Stated Mr. Ryan Howard, founder, and CEO of iBeat.

The mHealth wearable has been developed to continuously monitor heart rates, hypoxemia and blood flow. The watch also alerts the user or emergency services if abnormalities are detected. According to the developers, the device is perfect for the aging populations.

According to iBeat, it is planning to spend the investments on further developments of the Heart Watch and to advance marketing. The company also stated that till now they have received more than 11,000 pre-orders for the Heart Watch will start shipping those orders out this summer.

By Ddu