Harnessing the Analytics Power of AI Command Centers to Manage Hospital Operations

June 1, 2018  Source: Ddu 195

GE Healthcare has been roped in by Tampa General Hospital for the building of a new care coordination center for using the power of predictive analytics for working across the spectrum of quality and experience improvement projects at the hospital meant for patients, families and staff alike.

The center is planned to be powered by what is called by GE as its Wall of Analytics, having the power to process streams of real-time data from multiple data sources and helping hospitals track patient progression through alert offers and suggested actions. This would, in turn, help in accurate prediction and timely prevention of safety risks and streamline workload of the staff.

Tampa general aims to leverage the efficacies of artificial intelligence for synchronizing its approach for broader attributes like care coordination, quality and safety, improvement of treatment outcomes and workflow efficiency.  

Set to open in 2019, the 9,000-square-foot command center will have staff from different departments who will be in a position to monitor data to aid in initiatives as diverse as improvement in patient transports, reduction in patient wait times and expediting discharge processes and other important tasks.

The 1,010-bed nonprofit academic medical center of Tampa General Hospital is the most recent health system to develop an advanced care coordination center.

By Ddu