Genentech Lawsuit against Eli Lilly’s Antipsoriasis Drug TALZ

July 9, 2018  Source: FiercePharma 258

Genentech recently won the patent for a psoriasis drug. Unfortunately, Roche’s Genentech unit prosecuted Eli Lilly for violation by claiming their psoriasis drug Talz,  infringes on one of their patents.

Taltz had been available on the market since 2016, whereby it built up the sales up to $486 million in the U.S. last year. Genentech however, claimed that the drug’s mode of action works by the inhibition of immunology path IL-17, infringes their patent which covers drugs targeting the same specific pathway.

Due to acquiring the patent, Genentech argues Lilly's "commercial manufacture, use, offer for sale, or sale of Taltz in the United States or importation of Taltz into the United States constitutes an act of infringement" of several patent claims.

A spokesperson from Eli Lilly said that the company is not ready to comment on the pending lawsuit. This litigation seeks royalties in lieu of a ban once for all.

Genentech’s patent stipulates possession of “humanized monoclonal antibodies that bind to the IL-17A/F heterodimer.” Not only Taltz inhibits IL-17A path; Cosentyx, Valeant’s Siliq and UCB’s bimekizumab also work in the same way.

Taltz’s launch has been the backbone of Eli Lilly’s growth. In the first quarter, drug sales increase by 52%, over the same period in 2017 to $146.5 million.

By Ddu