Genealogy Website Hacked

June 8, 2018  Source: Bloomberg 193

Israel based Consumer genealogy website MyHeritage stated that the company website was hacked and 92 million users’ email addresses and password information were jeopardized. The company, which was founded in 2003, received information from a researcher who found a document titled ‘myheritage’ which contained 92.283.889 users’ personal information. The company stated that there is no solid proof that the information in the file was every used by the hackers.

MyHeritage helps users find their ancestry line, search historical records and build family trees in their service called MyHeritage DNA, launched in 2016. Other such sites providing the same services are 23andMe and The company users are asked to send saliva sample for genetic analysis and nearly 1.4 million customers have participated in the DNA test.

According to the company, the website got hacked on Oct. 26, 2017. MyHeritage said that it doesn’t save the actual user passwords, but instead passwords encrypted with a one-way hash (procedures which collect a variable-length input string and change it into a fixed-length binary sequence.)

The company explained that their DNA data is saved “on segregated systems and are separate from those that store the email addresses, and they include added layers of security.”

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