GE Healthcare and Roche join forces to create clinical decision support tools

January 12, 2018  Source: MedCityNews 148

GE Healthcare and Roche have launched a partnership to assist clinicians in making better choices and help patients get individualized care.

Together, the companies will team up to develop digital clinical decision support solutions.

“Our goal is to support clinicians and other relevant stakeholders for the benefit of patients by providing the right decision support at the right time and through comprehensive digital offerings,” Roche Diagnostics CEO Roland Diggelmann said, according to a news release.

To start, the alliance will narrow in on the oncology and critical care fields.

The companies plan to utilize in-vivo data from GE Healthcare’s medical imaging equipment and in-vitro data from Roche’s genomics and sequencing portfolio. They will apply analytics to this information, thereby enabling integration of various data pieces, such as patient records and research results.

Overall, this capability will give providers more of a complete picture in diagnosing and treating patients. The data could also be used to help clinicians predict potential complications. Additionally, the platform can help specialists collaborate on an individual patient’s care.

“This is the first time that two major players in healthcare have combined advanced analytics with in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostics to this degree,” GE Healthcare President and CEO Kieran Murphy noted in a statement. “We believe this alliance will help accelerate the delivery of data-driven precision health for customers, patients and the healthcare industry.”

The partnership comes at a time when precision medicine is increasingly being applied to cancer care. Last year, Memorial Sloan Kettering and Cota collaborated on an initiative aimed at precision oncology research and treatment.

Meanwhile, GE Healthcare has also been dipping its toes in other hot healthcare topics. The company announced a seven-year initiative with Hartford HealthCare in an effort to improve patient wait times and the overall patient experience. It also banded together with Partners HealthCare on a decade-long AI collaboration.

By Ddu