Fitbit unveils 8 applications for Ionic and Versa

May 8, 2018  Source: drugdu 528

Fitbit the leading wireless-enabled health wearable technology manufacturer continues to blend direct-to consumer-technology with clinical validation in Fitbit smart-watch Ionic, which launched in last October and the Versa which was made available in the market a few weeks ago.

A Fitbit official disclosed eight mobile health apps, including two focused on diabetes management and one on oncology care.

The applications which Fitbit unveiled are Diplomat Pharmacy, Sickweather, Dexcom, One Drop, Limeade, Go365, Walgreens, and Fitabase.

“Smartwatches bestow a powerful platform to give important health devices that help our users manage conditions more easily than ever before, “With these apps, we continue to deliver on our promise to bring important health information to the wrist” company CEO James Park said in a press release.

Fitbit, which has seen revenues drop in the last quarter, tried to pivot toward more mHealth unification. During a recent Q1 earnings call, the company confirmed its focus on digital health, which accounted for 30 percent of that quarter’s revenues.

Just a week ago, Fitbit announced its alliance with Google, wherein the two companies will work together to speed up innovation in the digital health space and to give clear EHRs and precise patient facts to help the clinicians through the new Google Cloud API.

By Ddu

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