FDA Seeks Help From Social Media Giants To Help Stop Illegal Opioid Distribution

June 11, 2018  Source: Fierce Pharma 226

The U.S., Food and Drug Administration, recently issued warning letters to 53 websites which are managed by 9 online pharmacies, suspected of selling illegal drugs like Tramadol Generic and Roxycondone. Most of the websites were shut down after the warning but one website was still operating until last Thursday.

According to the agency, the FDA-approved pharma opioid makers had long quit marketing to doctors and the consumers and the illegal online websites selling remain uncontrollable. Now the FDA has decided to enlist the online platforms that display advertisements from the unauthorized pharmacies.

Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner is looking for help from Facebook and Twitter to slow down the unauthorized opioid sales in the US. Gottlieb invited the two social media giants, among others, to participate in the FDA Online Opioid Summit which is set for June 27.

“The internet is flooded with illegal narcotics; we have planned to a crackdown on the illegal sale by teaming up with authorized internet firms, which will help us voluntarily to crack down the marketers. The main agenda for the upcoming Online Opioid Summit is to find a new solution to work together with social media and tech companies to address these issues” said, Gottlieb

Earlier this year Purdue Pharma stopped marketing its Oxycontin to doctors, whiles other companies like Allergan, Teva, Endo, and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen unit had all quite marketing opioids before Purdue’s announcement.

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