Ava Raised $30 Million in Funding for Pregnancy Tracker Health Wearable

May 31, 2018  Source: drugdu 220

Ava, a startup company based in San Francisco- and Zurich which develop a health wearable bracelet to track menstrual cycles, raised $30 million in a series B funding round to expand other features in female healthcare. The finance was led by the company’s existing investors which also involve Blue Ocean Ventures,   Polytech Ecosystem Ventures, Global Sources, ZKB, and Swisscom — with new investor’s btov and SVC also participating.

 The company also announced that it service has recorded 10,000 pregnancies amongst its users. Ava launched its first wearable in 2016 and announced that the bracelet can detect a new pregnancy. Although it can be also be used to evade pregnancy. In addition, it also informs users on how their cycle is impacting their health. The wearable also supports women during pregnancy by tracking sleep, stress, and weight gain

The company was earlier funded $12.3 million in seed and series A funding,  in total  $42.3 million.

“From the very beginning, our aim was to accompany women through all stages of their reproductive life by providing data-driven, clinically proven technology that will strengthen her with insights to make life easier, healthier and better” Lea von Bidder, Ava’s president and co-founder. “That could mean anything from trying to get pregnant, prevent pregnancy or monitor for infections during pregnancy or even preventing pregnancy. Down the line, it might mean detecting signs of perimenopause and more. Achieving this vision requires investment in clinical trials, research and product development and testing, which is where we will spend this funding." 

By Ddu