Apple to launch new Health Record API for developers

June 7, 2018  Source: drugdu 260

This week Apple announced that researchers and app developers can now have access to a Health Record API (Application Programming Interface) to develop applications, with the permission to use the patient’s data to provide them with easy access to health records.

“For the Patients, medical details are the most important personal information, and by giving them the access to Health Records is the first step in boosting the confidence of the consumer”. “Consumers soon will receive a holistic view of their health with the help of Health Record merging with HealthKit data,  the new system is open to the community of researcher and developers, also the new system helps the patients to customized their health needs with the applications the consumers use every single day”. Stated Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer.

“With the brand new Health Record API, the clinician can receive patient medical data into their ResearchKit study apps for a more view of their patients’ health background,” Apple mentioned in a release at WWDC developer conference. Almost every doctors and researcher used difficult survey questionnaires to check pre-existing conditions, which puts a heavy load on patients to remember all the details. Now, with the participants’ approval, researchers can get patient-specific information to ensure wider research. This merge continues Apple’s commitment to providing the medical community with ResearchKit tools that could further their discoveries.

By Ddu

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