Amazon focusing to upend healthcare sector with Alexa

May 11, 2018  Source: Ddu 307

Amazon is aiming to change the health-care market with Amazons’ Echo and Alexa device, a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service, which respond's to the name "Alexa". Amazon has appointed a new team within its Alexa voice-assistant division called "health & wellness," which is being led by Rachel Jiang, who has been working with Amazon for the last 5 years. The other senior team members include - Missy Krasner, Larry Ockene and Yvonne Chou with a decade's worth of experience at Amazon and other leaders in the industry.

The team is focusing to make Alex, the voice assistant, more convenient and useful in the health-care sector, which requires regulations and data privacy set by the HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  The experts are aiming to work on diabetes management, assistance for mother, infants and the elderly.

 Amazon has not made any official announcements about the health and wellness group but its existence is the direct stipulation of the company's plan to launch ‘Alexa’ voice technology in the digital healthcare sector. Amazon holds the right permits and regulatory licenses which allows devices and apps to share and upload sensitive health data with clinicians and patients. The company would also sanction unification with third-party apps.

Last summer, Amazon partnered with Merck and offered developers building Alexa "skills" with a prize, to by assist diabetes sufferers with means of managing the various aspects of their day to day care. The company is also focusing to help new mothers who heavily depend on Amazon for diapers and other baby products.

This all comes in the wake of their announcement earlier in 2018 when they partnered with Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan in an attempt to better healthcare services.

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