Adaptimmune Lends Credence to T-Cell Therapy

June 5, 2018  Source: FierceBiotech 136

Updated clinical data on its T-cell therapies has been presented by Adaptimmune. The GlaxoSmithKline-partnered NY-ESO SPEAR T-cells have been linked by the latest readouts to a 50% partial response rate in heavily pretreated cancer patients and have led to the positioning of Adaptimmune for dialing up of dosing of two wholly owned assets.

The maximum data on the NY-ESO candidate is held by the Oxford, U.K- based Adaptimmune which is transferring the same to GSK for further development. Four patients have experienced partial response, out of which one is unconfirmed for the eight myxoid/round cell liposarcoma (MRCLS) patients who were administered the drugs. The other three patients have been diagnosed with the stable disease.

Since earlier in the year, the response rate has been rather tepid when three of the first four patients administered the drug had responded, according to a report by Adaptimmune. The proportion of partial responses suggest the drug may have a future in MRCLS given the patients have an untreated or metastatic problem that has shown resistant to anthracycline.

Without sounding any significant alarms on the safety fronts, Adaptimmune also came through the latest update. Adverse four events linked to the T-cell therapy were reported by the study in three patients.

By Ddu