Appointment booking app Solv Health raised $16.8 million

May 9, 2018  Source: drugdu 299

San Francisco-based appointment booking application Solv Health announced that it has raised $16.8 million in Series B funding from Greylock Partners, along with Benchmark and Aspect Ventures. The company also unveiled its new Solv Pay feature, which helps to make payment quicker and easier for its users.

“Solv helps its patients to meet their clinicians who can treat their symptoms in as little as 15 minutes. The benefit this provides consumers is real. We’ve already given 5.1 years back to consumers who spend their two hours between booking an appointment and getting their issue resolved” says Heather Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of Solv Health.

Solv’s service is particularly designed for the emergency care setting. The app requests symptoms and preferred appointment time from users, then Slov books an appointment with local clinicians. Through the newly announced payments product, patients can view their insurance information and deductibles, and make their payments directly through their smartphone at the end of a visit.  For clinicians, the service offers automated patient communications via text, appointment scheduling with wait time estimates for busy patients.

 Last year Solv raised $6.25 million from Benchmark Capital and others. This brings the company’s total announced funding to just over $23 million.

By Ddu