Imutex Universal FLU Vaccine Reaching Phase 3

June 21, 2018  Source: FiercePharma 197

Numerous problems with seasonal flu shots have been reported everywhere. Now U.K. biotech Imutex is on the verge to make the next big advance for flu vaccine technology, after a great span of 14 years of work. The company reported the phase 2b clinical trial result, where the universal flu shot, FLU-v has boosted immune responses with low infection rates. Now they are heading towards phase 3 testing. Imutex is the joint venture between drug development organization SEEK Group and clinical research specialist hVIVO.

In phase 2b clinical trial work, FLU-v met its goal of boosting T-cell immune response at 42 days and 180 days after vaccination. The infection rate came down by meeting a secondary endpoint of boosting antibodies in vaccinated patients. Thus, this single adjuvant dose is considered as the "most immunological and efficient." 

U.S. and European Authorities have funded the phase 2 work and they believe that the vaccine could be made available within two years. 

This ‘universal’ shot vaccine is designed to protect against all influenza A and influenza B strains in humans and animals. Hence it is believed that FLU-v could generate $10 billion to $20 billion per year by targeting around 7 billion people. At present, the negotiations of Imutex with other big pharma companies are ongoing.

By Ddu

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