Meet (Ddu) at CPhI China 2017 for Global Business Partners

June 15, 2017  Source: Ddu 250

CPhI China 2017 will be held from 20th June to 22nd June 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) in Shanghai, China. Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical and medical device B2B platform , will attend the exhibition with products from high-priority members and launch synchronization services of buy offers and agency service.

Since the launch of CPhI China 16 years ago, CPhI China has developed into one of the world's most comprehensive pharma-focused events. According to the statistics, 75,000 attendees are expected to be present in CPhI along with more than 2,800 exhibitors, representing a mix across all different zones in the pharma value chain. After elaborated preparation, Ddu will once again show itself at CPhI.

Ddu will attend the exhibition with products from high-priority members and offer a full range of online & offline promotion services. Based on its star-studded advertisements, Ddu will present a comprehensive display of the website brand as well as users’ products. At the same time, Ddu will launch the fast matching system, from which buy offers and agent intents will be quickly post to appropriate partners automatically.

Ddu will launch an App to bring users effective communication and potential partners anytime and anywhere.


Sharing of Sourcing Request in Five Exhibitions

In order to facilitate buyers and suppliers, Ddu will launch the value-added service, from which buy offers and agent intents can be displayed in five exhibitions. For example, users in CPhI Shanghai release the buy offers and agent intents by the scanning code. The buy offers and agent intents will be collected and updated in a live screen. They will also be displayed on the website during the following four exhibition: INTERPHEX JAPAN, HOSPEX JAPAN, CMEH Shanghai and CEEP Shanghai.

Ddu breaks the limitation of time and space and combine five exhibitions together to realize information sharing. Ddu said, “On the basis of users’ feedback and market research, Ddu come up with this value-added service, in order to make full use of resources, reduce costs and improve business efficiency.”


1st Anniversary of Ddu Global Promotion Plan

Ddu attended CPhI Shanghai for the first time in June 2016. Ddu global promotion plan was launched at that time. With three to four shows in global exhibitions relating to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, Ddu enables pharmaceuticals and medical devices companies to expand their global business and promote their brand internationalization in a cost-effective way. It has got much attention from the industry. This June, as the 1st anniversary of Ddu Global Promotion Plan, Ddu will attend CPhI again.  

Ddu Global Promotion Plan has spread to four continents, with over 10 countries and regions. It has gained global attentions from hundreds of thousands of people and brought over 10 thousand potential cooperative orders. “It's a milestone and a new start for Ddu as well as the global promotion plan. In the future, Ddu will continue to expand to other countries and regions, helping users save their time and cost”, official said. There have been more than 10 thousand users on Ddu and Ddu has won a leading place in this area.


Welcome to visit us on and join Ddu Global Promotion Plan to get more details. 

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