Meet Ddu in Dubai–The First Medical Exhibition of 2018

January 19, 2018  Source: Ddu 430

The Arab Health Exhibition 2018 will be held at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from January 29th to February 1st, 2018. Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical & medical device B2B online platform, will once again attend the exhibition, showcasing the changes that the Internet has brought to cross-border medical trade to the visitors in Dubai, as well as our global audience.

As the largest international and professional exhibition in the Middle East, Arab Health is well-known to hospitals and medical device agents in Arab countries. According to statistics, this exhibition will attract more than 4,200 medical device exhibitors and over 103,000 professional attendees from an estimated 150 countries.

At the Arab Health Exhibition in 2017, Ddu boosted 213 business deals through O2O (online to offline) exhibition methods like displaying 3D product models and instant enquiry communication.
Over the past year, Ddu has realized the up gradation and breakthrough of Ddu 1.0 to Ddu 3.0, which includes a brand-new visual optimization of the Ddu home page and enhancement of RFQ functions. Besides Ddu’s official website home page, the company page and users’ backend system is currently in the process of being upgraded too.

In addition to this, Ddu launched the Ddu Global Promotion Plan, Ddu Credit Verification, Ddu Trade Accelerator and, in 2018, even more third-party service agents will collaborate with Ddu, thereby attracting over 300,000 people engaged in the medical trade from all over the world.



And what surprises can we expect from Ddu’s attendance at this year’s Arab Health Exhibition? According to the Ddu management team, Ddu will be attending the expo with a number of our priority members’ products, revealing an intelligent experience of medical trade for all attendees.



“Arab Health is the largest international and professional exhibition in the Middle East and we aim to take this opportunity to explore the international medical market for our users”, was the statement made by Ddu management also saying that they have prepared thousands of brochures of their priority members which will be distributed by their staff throughout the entire event. At the Ddu booth, exclusive promotional space will be designated for high priority members to display samples of their products and advertise on the light box (to ensure they receive maximum exposure). Ddu staff will also be recommending users on the Ddu platform according to the demands of clients.

If you aim to expand your business into the international medical market, why not try Ddu’s joint-exhibition package? Attend the Arab Health Exhibition 2018 in collaboration with Ddu and enjoy comprehensive online-to-offline promotional services during exhibitions. Here are the service packages:






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Ddu ( is a leading global B2B online platform focused on the cross-border trade of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. As a pioneer in the industry, Ddu is committed to accelerating the circulation of the pharmaceutical and medical device trade around the world, making it simpler and more efficient. With advanced technology and expertise in the international medical trade industry, Ddu has provided a full range of solutions for thousands of global suppliers and buyers to build and develop channels of communication and expand international business opportunities.

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