Ddu Attended the 2017 CPhI Korea-Establishing a Good Reputation for Services

August 29, 2017  Source: Ddu 503

The 2017 CPhI Korea was grandly held at the Convention Center Grand Ball Room, Seoul, South Korea from August 22nd to August 24th. Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical and medical device B2B online platform, attended the exhibition where their management concept and service method proved why they are a leader in their field.

Ddu attended CPhI Korea

CPhI Korea is a well-known pharmaceutical exhibition in Korea. As always, exhibits ranged from raw materials, chemicals and intermediates to dressing materials and formulations. It is estimated that this year’s CPhI Korea hosted nearly 200 pharmaceutical exhibitors and attracted more than 4,500 professional visitors.

Ddu’s B2B online platform method attracted a great deal of attention from a large number of exhibitors who approached them for a consultation after Ddu’s client manager gave a detailed introduction.

Hanho, sales manager of KPTECH, a local pharmaceutical packaging materials supplier, was registered on Ddu at the expo after which he praised the company saying: “Since we’re a pharmaceutical packing company it’s difficult to find an accurate category for our company on other B2B websites. I’m pleasantly surprised about the precise and accurate categories on Ddu!”.

Ddu’s innovative B2B platform design has industry directories which are designed for multi-dimensional precise searching and users can search for products and their countries, suppliers and information of agents under each category or for related sources and precise matching results.


Our loyal users are our best advocates, their testimonials affirm our reputation!

Since Ddu launched its Global Promotion Plan officially in June 2016, the company has been to four continents, visiting over 10 major countries and regions and matching thousands of orders so gaining the trust of many loyal users.

Ddu met with Nikhil Dedhia at Pharma Asia. Nikhil is the assistant VP of Ami Lifesciences and was one of the first Ddu users. “Our company registered and uploaded products on Ddu several months ago, getting dozens of RFQs, which is incredible because often we don’t receive a single RFQ during the off season. I am a devout fan of Ddu and would like to invite more people in our industry to join Ddu”.

Recently a ‘sharing sources request’ service and a big data intelligent matching system was launched, to better facilitate information matching of buyers and suppliers.

“Ddu participates in industry exhibitions three or four times a month. All the statistics and orders of sourcing requests collected and recommended to users on site are real”, stated a Ddu management representative, “Users get more than what they expect from the platform and recommend it to their friends willingly. This kind of word of mouth marketing is building on Ddu’s already dependable reputation, day by day”.

By Ddu

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