Ddu Attended Arab Health A Perfect Match for International Trade

March 2, 2018  Source: Ddu 453

The Arab Health Exhibition 2018 was successfully held at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from January 29th to February 1st, 2018. Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical & medical device B2B online platform, attended the exhibition along with three priority members, taking home valuable resources.

As the largest international and professional exhibition in the Middle East, Arab Health is well-known to hospitals and medical device agents in Arab countries. According to statistics, this exhibition attracted more than 4,200 medical device exhibitors and over 103,000 professional attendees from an estimated 150 countries.

During the exhibition, Wenzhou HaiRou I/E Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Mellow Hope Pharm Industrial Co., Ltd. and GETT Asia Ltd., attended through Ddu’s joint-exhibition program and enjoyed online and offline business matching services. Visitors were able to experience the service by scanning a QR code, posting RFQs and then receive the matching results from the platform.

Shenzhen Tianlang Medical Equipment Co., LTD, a supplier of disposable anesthesia laryngoscope, reusable video laryngoscope (split type) and endoscopic video system, promoted its disposable anesthetic laryngoscope on Ddu’s front page, claiming that they had been members of Ddu for 6 months and during that time they received over 40 RFQs and that they were excited about future prospects.

According to the management of Ddu, for buyers and suppliers to save more time and cost spent in search of new international clients,  Ddu is utilizing innovative technologies such as scanning QR codes and posting RFQs to help shorten the time periods searching and to boost more orders.

Ddu attends dozens of exhibitions every year with great investments in manpower and resources and is committed to providing intimate services for promotions and customer services for priority members.

GETT Asia, a professional supplier of medical keyboards and mice, is a priority member of Ddu. In an interview with Ddu they stated that “Our business in Asia is going strong, we hope Ddu can help us find more new clients and attend more international exhibitions.”

According to Ddu management, the company is going attend over 30 exhibitions and boost more business deals for users on the platform. If you intend to explore international market, join Ddu to enjoy online and offline global promotion services!


Official Website:www.drugdu.com

Hotline:400-106-9990, Tony, sales manager


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