Drugdu.com and SGS Launch Ddu Credit Verification Service to Promote the Global Medical Trade

August 21, 2017  Source: Ddu 551

Drugdu.com(Ddu), the leading global pharmaceutical and medical device B2B online platform, reached a collaboration with Swiss SGS about Ddu Credit Verification service (RELATED: Press Conference for Ddu Credit Verification Launch).

A press conference for the launch of the Ddu Credit Verification service was successfully held in Shenzhen, China on August 18, 2017. Terry Yuan, CEO of Ddu and Zhang Yunbo, deputy director of the consumer products division at SGS China, attended the press conference to officially announce their co-operation and the launch of the Ddu Credit Verification service, pioneering in a new trend for industry integrity in the cross - border medical trade.

At the conference, a formal signing ceremony was held by Ddu and SGS to jointly launch the Credit Verification service, designed for the cross - border medical trade in order to create integrity for business communication between buyers and sellers by examining the key information of production equipment, qualification certificates, credit records and export capacity submitted by companies. Thus, Ddu now has SGS’s full support and backing regarding audits and system certifications to achieve market expansion in a more secure way.

It’s said that trust remains to be the biggest problem in the online cross-border medical trade. Due to time differences and geographical factors, information between buyers and sellers are asymmetric, which leads to frequent problems like fraudulent contracts and fake transactions. Playing the role of third-party auditor, Ddu’s Credit Verification service provides a more reliable reference to facilitate cross-border medical trade deals by ensuring the authenticity of the approved information of suppliers. The collaboration with SGS is sure to improve brand awareness and loyalty and to take the security of the online cross –border trade to a new level.

“Good and bad information exists everywhere on the Internet. Suppliers are eager to prove their own strengths while buyers also hope to identify the qualifications of suppliers as soon as possible. The Ddu Credit Verification service will not only play a positive role in  building brand credibility but also accelerate information matching of buyers and suppliers in a more secure and efficient way.” Terry Yuan, CEO of Ddu also stated, “Ddu’s Credit Verification service will be beneficial for big data matching too which means verified users will have even more business recommendation opportunities.

"The co-operation between SGS and Ddu, for one thing, will commit to enable more suppliers to stand out from the crowd by proving their quality and integrity. For another, it will instill a sense of trust with buyers when purchasing products and making decisions of procurement”. Zhang Yunbo, deputy director of SGS’s consumer products division acknowledged.

A great number of high priority members were invited to the press conference. Miss Ye, manager of the sale department of Wenzhou Hairou I/E Co.,Ltd, greatly appreciated Ddu’s Credit Verification service, saying, “Doing medical business online makes it difficult for us to check the quality of products and the qualifications of suppliers especially due to the distance involved. Ddu has now solved the problem of trust thanks to their Credit Verification service.”

Both sides said that there still exists ample room for co-operation and the next step is to create a secure environment for the cross-border medical trade with powerful alliances and complementary advantages by relying on existing and potential resources.


Drugdu.com (Ddu )

Drugdu.com(Ddu) is a leading global pharmaceutical & medical device B2B online platform, enabling industry professionals to do business in a more transparent, efficient and convenient way. Ddu owns an integrated system including over 40,000 excellent global pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers. Ddu offers comprehensive databases of commercially available medical device and pharmaceutical, with easy access to over 1,000,000 products.

About SGS

SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification institution with more than 90,000 employees working in over 2000 branches and laboratories all over the world.  SGS’s services cover major industries and is globally recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity.

About Ddu Credit Verification

Ddu Credit Verification service aims to serve cross-border trading companies by offering objective, strict and detailed verification services on basic information and qualifications which is intended to help users build brand integrity, promote core competence and increase exposures of brands and products in global markets.

By Ddu

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