Chiatai Tianqing’s Bicalutamide Tablets Approved

July 10, 2024  Source: drugdu 41

"/On July 5, Chiatai Tianqing received the Certificate of Drug Registration issued by State Drug Administration, approving the company's bicalutamide tablets for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. This is the tenth product approved by Chiatai Tianqing this year.

Prostate cancer is a common malignant tumor of the male reproductive system, and it is also the second most common malignant tumor in men worldwide, with the incidence rate on the rise globally. BCC Research's latest report pointed out that the global prostate cancer treatment market reached $35.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $56.4 billion in 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.3%. .
As early symptoms of prostate cancer are not easy to be detected, most patients are found in the middle to late stages. The incidence of prostate cancer is high among middle-aged and elderly men, and with the growing proportion of elderly people worldwide, the number of cases will increase year by year, and the clinical demand will continue to expand.

Endocrine therapy is one of the main treatment modalities for prostate cancer. Bicalutamide is a non-steroidal androgen receptor inhibitor, which completely inhibits androgens by binding to cytoplasmic androgen receptors in the target tissues, and thus plays a role in the treatment of prostate cancer. As a pure anti-androgen drug, bicalutamide tablets have the characteristics of strong specificity, oral effective, convenient administration, etc. Clinically, it is often applied in the single treatment of prostate cancer or combined treatment with other drugs and radiotherapy.

The launch of Chiatai Tianqing Bicalutamide Tablets (Trademark name: Qingkangan) will provide a new treatment option for prostate cancer patients in China, and help middle-aged and old-aged patients with morbidity to improve their quality of life and face life positively. In the future, Chiatai Tianqing will continue to pay attention to the health problems of middle-aged and elderly male patients, provide more affordable choices for the treatment of the disease, and at the same time contribute its corporate strength to the cause of social public health.

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