An ideal paediatric Infusion Set

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An intravenous infusion set works with the help of gravity to deliver medicines, fluids, blood components or whole blood to the patient.  It typically consists of a drip chamber, a tube, flow regulator and needle connector. Ddu (, the leading global pharmaceutical and medical devices online B2B platform, brings a range of infusion sets on its website.

Ddu has collaborated with many infusion set suppliers/ manufacturers to provide the best products to its customers. One of the infusion sets available on Ddu is the Disposable pediatric Infusion sets with flow regulator spike, manufactured by Shenyang Comeboard Technology Co., Ltd.

This infusion set has features like easy-holding and easy puncturing spike. It consists of a transparent and flexible tube which prevents winding and twisting. It has a regulator which can adjust the flow rate change from minimum to maximum.

It has a PVC tube; its length can be customised on customer’s request. A drip chamber with or without fluid filter is available with it. The size, shape and material of the flow regulator can also be customized. The injection site is made with or without natural latex. It has a luer slip or luer lock fitting.

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