What to do if you are rejected by your client

April 18, 2018  Source: Ddu 5,096

Lydia’s client made himself clear that he was not interested in her products and ask her not to contact him again after she had followed up on him for several days.

If you are in sales, you have probably encountered this all-too-familiar situation of being rejected without any clear reasons, but it’s necessary to keep in touch with your clients and wait for another opportunity.

So what would your options be to remedy the situation? First of all, figure out why your clients turn you down.


I. Does the client have any current purchasing requirements?

Very few clients can place orders 24/7, especially in the international B2B trade. Generally, a client may place several order in a year, only when it is necessary.


II. Your client is not looking for another supplier.

If your client is satisfied with their current supplier and benefiting from being with them, it is unlikely that they would switch to a new supplier.


III. Your company doesn’t offer any special advantages compared to the current supplier.

In the event that you connect with a potential client in the process of looking for a new supplier, your company needs to make the move worth their while. There are always risks involved in making a change such as this so be sure to offer them something competitive.


IV. Is the client part of your target market?

Clients may have requirements outside of what you can offer them. Recommending them to the right suppliers and keeping ties with them is, however, always a good idea. It often happens that they either recommend you to others or turn to your company when the time is right.


So what should you do when you are turned down by your client?

I. Before you follow up on your client, find out whether there are any possibilities for a collaboration and make sure they are part of your target market.

II. Determine whether the client has any immediate purchasing requirements and don’t waste your (and their) time by bombarding them with follow-up calls if they don’t.

III. Don’t get discouraged. After being rejected, re-assess the situation and come back with a new strategy.

IV. Always establish a fail-safe in advance when dealing with clients and handle emergencies smartly.

V. Provide your client with more payment methods at discretion. For example, if your competitors all offer letter of credit at sight, give your client the option of a usanceletter of credit.


Being in sales requires determination and grit, so stay focused and don’t lose heart. Know your product well and know your competitors. Also keep yourself updated with the lasted demands and trends. When you do meet rejections, find out what the reason for it , this way you can accumulate knowledge and better strategize for the future.

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