Choices for Your Ideal Medical Hospital Beds

February 26, 2018  Source: Ddu 326

Nursing facilities and home- and community-based services are important for individuals' well-being and can often prevent the need for acute inpatient hospitalizations, which is why it’s important to choose suitable medical hospital beds. Ddu, the leading global pharmaceutical & medical device B2B online platform, now offers you some suggestions on how to choose your medical hospital beds.


1. Safety of medical hospital beds

Nursing beds are designed for patients with mobility difficulties and who are sick abed, placing higher demands on the safety and stability of care beds. So when choosing nursing beds, it's necessary to check the registration certificate of medical products and production license of the suppliers.



Below is a selection of 25 nursing beds on with CE or ISO certification, click the link for more details:


2. Manual or electrichospital beds

Manual hospital beds are for short-term care of patients while electrical ones are for patients with mobility difficulties and who are sick abed. With the aid of these medical hospital beds, patients are able to move freely, which is conducive to their rehabilitation.



Moreover, electric medical beds are much more user-friendly than the manual models but prices are also higher than that of manual ones.



3. Motor-driven ICU hospital beds

These beds are suitable for patients with little independent activity, who have gone through the early and dangerous stages of a serious paralysis condition and are hospitalized at clinics with limited nursing staff. These beds are used to effectively prevent major complications (pneumonia, urinary tract infections and bedsores) in patients.



4. Collapsible medical hospital beds

This type of nursing bed is suitable for patients who are recovering from fractures, for the health care of long-term bedridden patients, for patients with specific sleeping needs, learning, entertainment and other needs.



There is a great variety of medical hospital beds with a wide range of functions and purposes, specific to every patient’s needs. Taking time to do some research on product sales, certification, functions and other aspects before making a deal is highly advisable. Speaking to professionals is another way of ensuring you get the best hospital bed equipment, so feel free to speak to our specialists at

By Ddu