Wearable ECG Monitor to check on your heart

October 16, 2018  Source: drugdu 36


The Medical-level ECG recorder to monitor cardiac risk in sport, manufactured and supplied by the Chinese firm, Jiangxi Yeeroo Industrial Co., Ltd, is made available on Ddu (Drugdu.com), the leading global pharmaceutical and medical devices online B2B platform.
This ECG monitor works on the HeartBook MCT which is a multi-parameter cardiac telemetry system. It helps you stay connected with your health by Minttihealth ECG. It is the easiest and sleekest ECG reading wearable medical device available in the market. It is a known and trusted product world over. It gives modern-design ECG of excellent quality and provides top service.
The ECG monitor’s sleek and compact design enables you to know your heart’s health anytime, anywhere while it sits in your pocket. It has an in-built real-time monitor of multi-parameters, like the body posture sensor. It is built in an ergonomic design. It has an additional alarm feature which gives a real-time alert on APB, VPB, long interval, tachycardia, and bradycardia or when a tumble-down occurs, it sends SMS alerts to the guardian’s phone. It gets you connected immediately with medical professionals who give conclusions to the parameters recorded.

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