Super absorbent Gauze sponge

October 3, 2018  Source: drugdu 46



Gauze’s history goes back to the time when it was used as clothing and was made with silk. Presently, gauze sponges are largely used in the field of medicine for the purpose of dressings, cleaning wounds and absorbing fluids. They are now made with cotton.  It is very important for gauze to be of good quality cotton and be sterilized effectively for use in hospitals or healthcare set-ups.

Gauze sponges can be pre-sterilized or are sterilized before use. Some of them are embedded with an x-ray detecting strip so that they can be spotted on an X-ray if left inside the patient’s body during a surgical procedure.

Ddu ( ensures the provision of good quality gauze sponges on its platform. One of the companies supplying gauze sponges on Ddu is the DE Medical Technology Jiangsu Co.,Ltd which manufactures sterilize gauze sponges. They are CE certified and have a warranty of 2 years.

These gauze sponges are manufactured from 100% bleached cotton gauze. They are very soft and have a high absorbing power which makes them ideal for cleaning minor wounds and absorb secretions to facilitate healing of secondary wounds. They come in either sterile or non-sterile packaging. They are available in 40’s, 32’s, 21’s yarn. They can be ordered with or without the x-ray thread and the edges can also be customized.

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