Portable Nebulizer Machine

September 10, 2018  Source: drugdu 264


An asthma attack comes unannounced and leaves the unsuspecting patient distraught. In such situations, a portable nebulizer machine can prove to be a boon to the patient, preparing him/her for emergencies. Moreover, asthma patients are prescribed periodical doses of medications and hence, a portable nebulizer machine can be handy if and when they are travelling.

The portable nebulizer machine available on Ddu (Drugdu.com) is manufactured by Changzhou zhengyuan medical technology Co., Ltd.which is proficient in the manufacture of mesh nebulizers. The Chinese nebulizer machine supplier/ manufacturer offers its light-weight, battery/electricity-powered nebulizer to customers at Ddu.

This nebulizer can be used with ease with one smart button. It includes different mesh size plates to regulate the particle size. It functions at a safe working power of 1.5W. It does not produce noise which makes it an ideal choice for use during travel without disturbing neighbouring people.

It has a unique feature of no liquid medicine detection function which stops the machine from working when there is no medicine in the bottle. Available in a sleek and trendy design, this portable nebulizer machine can be purchased in wholesale at Ddu.

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