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September 4, 2018  Source: Ddu 903


Natural plant extracts are extracted from plants since they consist of varied chemical constituents such as alkaloids, volatile oils, tannins, pigments, resins etc. These components can naturally be extracted in a crude form either from different parts of the same plants or from a wide variety of plants, which would be further used for the treatment of all health ailments. These extracts have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial or anti-cancerous properties which makes them so valuable to our health and which is why they are so popular in Ayurveda and homeopathy, due to their high efficacy accompanied with almost no side effects.

According to Coherent Market Insights, the market for plant extracts is expected to achieve USD 63,304.8 million by 2025, at an annual growth rate of 6.15%.

In order to maintain the originality of these natural plant extracts, our Drugdu.com (Ddu) can recommend some of the best Natural Plant Extracts manufacturers,  three of which are the well-known Yichun Wujiashen Pharma Co. Ltd, Chengdu Greenpure Biopharma Co. Ltd. and 'Xi'an Newleaf Herb Inc.

1. Yichun Wujiashen Pharma Co. Ltd.

This Natural Plant Extracts manufacturer was established in the year 1985, with the total investment of 2 billion. Now it supplies plant extracts to major regions including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China. They specialize in preparing natural sweeteners.

2. Chengdu Greenpure Biopharma Co. Ltd.

Chengdu Greenpure Biopharma Co. Ltd. was founded in 2017 with their headquarters is situated in Chengdu, China and one of their main products is the supply of sulforaphane. They have also established an R & D center with Leshan Normal University, which deals in the discovery of anti-cancer phytochemicals from varied Chinese herbs.

3. Xi'an Newleaf Herb Inc.

Newleaf Herb Inc., located at 'Xi'an in China, export their products, which include green tea extract, gardenia yellow pigment, black rice extract, Rhodiola extract, to countries in Europe as well as the United States, Australia, Japan and many more.

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