Nebraska Informs Pfizer to Prosecute Over Lethal Injection

August 1, 2018  Source: FiercePharma 201


Pfizer objected to the use of its drugs for lethal injection procedures last year by asking states to return the drugs immediately for a refund. But not all of them have halted its utilization. Hence, with an execution planned in Nebraska dated Aug. 14, a state senator is urging Pfizer to prosecute if the drug usage is not halted. 

Nebraska state Sen. Ernie Chambers said in a letter to Robert Jones, J.D., Pfizer, the Vice President of U.S. government relations, "Time is of the essence; the courts are an effective avenue that is readily available by which all of Pfizer's stated interests can be vindicated."

Last October, Robert Jones from Pfizer wrote to Scott Frakes, the Director of the Nebraska Department of Corrections that fentanyl citrate and diazepam have been added to a list of withdrawal drugs. He asked Nebraska to return Pfizer or Hospira drugs and they will deliver "full credit" for returns. 

Pfizer claims that its drugs are to "enhance and save the lives of the patients we serve… strongly objects to the use of its drugs as lethal injections.”

Alvogen recently blocked the use of its drugs through the courts. Sen. Ernie Chambers stated that Pfizer had not taken similar action and questioned whether "Pfizer's desire to protect its integrity, good name and public image." If no stern steps are taken, the "genuineness and sincerity of your professed 'values' are called into question."  

A total of three Pfizer drugs and one Sandoz drug were reported in an Aug. 14 execution list in Nebraska. Sandoz also protested the use of its drug in the procedure but hasn't sued yet.

By Ddu

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