ICU patient monitors

October 6, 2018  Source: drugdu 99


Patient monitors are used in intensive care units to view the patient’s physiological health condition in real time for an easier decision-making and qualitative care by the doctors.

A patient monitor consists of a sensor, processing component and a visual display. Additionally, an alarm is also attached to alert the staff. The sensor detects the physiological level of the patient vitals. The processing component converts the sensor signals to the format which can be displayed via LED, LCD or CRT screen.

The major vital parameters such as respiratory rate, cardiac rate, hemodynamic rate, blood glucose, body temperature, oxygen saturation, intracranial pressure etc. can be viewed as a waveform or numerical formats through the patient monitor.

Buying the product from a right patient monitor supplier is mandatory in order to avoid the occurrence of clutters due to complicated data integration on monitor display, usability and hardware issues and consistency violation.

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