Hi- tech Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

October 19, 2018  Source: drugdu 265


The 24hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor manufactured by the Chinese company, Shenzhen Hingmed Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. is a hi- tech good quality blood pressure monitor available on Ddu (Drugdu.com), the leading global pharmaceutical and medical devices online B2B platform.

Ddu selects the best- in- class medical products and its suppliers and this blood pressure monitor is one of them. It works with the help of the ABPM software system which is the only software in the world which provides index analysis of Morning Surge, BP smoothness, CV, AASI, etc. It gives highly accurate reading and includes Motion tolerance technology which gives good measurement consistency.

It has a double pressure transducer, with double protection. Its cuff comes with a disposable sweat absorbable liner and the cuff itself can be removed for easy washing. Its software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP or higher version application environment. It also includes a feature that enables BP comparison of same patient’s measurements at different times.

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