Global Market of Electric Wheelchairs

August 28, 2018  Source: Ddu 293


According to the Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast dated 2014-2022, it is predicted that the market rate of electric wheelchairs wholesale would reach $4,846 million by 2022 from $1,597 million in 2015. The Asian Pacific region is expected to have the highest annual growth rate of 18.7% from 2016 to 2022, due to an increase in the number of electric wheelchair factories.

What makes these Electric wheelchairs so special?

Wheelchairs are used to mobilize disabled people from one place to another. With electric wheelchairs, mobility is possible with the help of batteries and there is no need for assistance from another person. These powered wheelchairs are also used by the elderly, patients with spinal issues and disabilities outside of hospitals.

Electric wheelchairs are categorized into standing electric wheelchairs, front-wheel drive, central wheel drive, rear wheel drive etc.

Electric wheelchair suppliers have observed that as technological advances are made and electric wheelchairs are better equipped with more control gadgets, the demand for these chairs keeps on growing, especially in developing countries like India and China.

Our electric wheelchair manufacturers on (Ddu) has a number of foldable, light-weight and cost-effective types, and can be customized according to every individual’s needs.

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