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If you are suffering from cardiac illness or want to monitor your heart health while living your exhausting fast-paced life, your search for an ECG monitor ends at Ddu ( which brings you the Household Portable Mobile ECG EKG Monitor w/Heart Rate Monitor manufactured by Shenzhen Seigrand Technology Co.,Ltd.


This compact portable ECG monitor, is designed to fit in a pocket and used anytime, anywhere. It records your ECG within a minute and notifies of any cardiac abnormalities. It can prevent health emergencies and also let you know about your emotional stress index. Its algorithm reads your ECG from your thumbs placed on the device and sends the readings to the connected Smartphone.


Weighing just 15g, its sleek design enables it to be carried along wherever you go whatever you do, run, walk, sit, or just be at work.

It reminds you to rest if you have overworked or can prevent any health risk if used just before a work-out. It is the best choice for cardiac patients to check whether their medicines are effective or not.

The Portable Mobile ECG EKG Monitor w/Heart Rate Monitor boasts of 98% accuracy in measuring the cardiac parameters owing to its new-age ECG algorithm, large database and manual screening. It stores each reading for further reference by the patient or the physician. Being compatible with both Android and Apple devices, it can be easily used by all.

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