Connected Health Platform Hopes to Enhance Manner in Which Patients Take Medication

August 2, 2018  Source: DigitalHealthAge 261


Phillips-Medisize introduced a connected health platform to enhance the way people take medication while using connected health devices. 

The medical device maker’s third generation connected health platform functions with linked medical devices like injectors and inhalers to help patients. The platform can trace patients’ medication, place reminders, and offer incentives and peer communities to develop disease supervision, medication compliance and possibly, health outcomes.

Phillips-Medisize’s platform implements a health integration engine together with analytics to amalgamate patient data with digital medical records and other data from pharmacy and connected devices. The company expects that the platform betters health and medication end-results for patients which pose as the major hurdles encountered by the industry.

Phillips-Medisize is a leader in connected health systems for medicine currently on the market, supporting patients daily across the globe. This new, advanced connected health platform builds on our deep knowledge and experience,” said Bill Welch, chief technology officer, Phillips-Medisize. “For us, connected health is a strategy for better serving our customers and their patients, not a buzzword. We are unmatched in the industry with our global innovation, development and manufacturing capabilities to create end-to-end systems.”

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