Basic Medical Equipment – Surgical Scissors

September 3, 2018  Source: Ddu 284


Surgical Scissors are included under basic surgical instruments which are designed for the purpose of cutting in surgical procedures. Surgical scissors include  dissecting scissors, operating scissors, iris scissors, bandage scissors, Metzenbaum scissors, tenotomy scissors, stitch scissors, plastic surgery scissors, and Mayo scissors., the leading global pharmaceutical and medical devices platform, presents consumers with the best quality CE certified surgical scissors in all the above types. We provide surgical scissors manufactured with the standard quality raw materials that come with a warranty lasting up to one year. They are tough, durable and rust-free.

Made with precision, the surgical scissors available in wholesale at Ddu are made from high-grade stainless steel. Hospitals or surgical settings can purchase the entire sets of surgical scissors including all the above types made available by our team or select from the individual type of surgical scissors obtainable separately.

Surgical scissors are made in a number of sizes and Ddu has ensured the availability of the scissors in all the sizes. To bring in variety, rainbow coloured scissors are also available on the website.

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