Antioxidants may not Prevent Muscle Soreness after Exercise

August 28, 2018  Source: Reuters 164


There are many people who don’t exercise regularly and when they occasionally do, they often overexert themselves, which could lead to severe muscle pain after 24-72 hours. This condition is termed as delayed onset muscle soreness. Several research works suggested that the consumption of antioxidants might prevent this condition however the results were inconclusive.

Recent research reports that the consumption of antioxidants via foods or nutritional supplements may not prevent muscle soreness after exercise. The research team was unable to find any links between muscle soreness and antioxidants consumption.

Mayur Ranchordas, the lead author of Sheffield Hallam University in the U.K. said, “The findings of our study suggest that antioxidants do reduce soreness, but the effect is so small it may not be meaningful. People should probably avoid taking antioxidants for recovery.”

Troy Merry, a nutrition researcher from the University of Auckland in New Zealand who was not involved in this study, said “There are certain strategies that athletes use following exercise to improve recovery such as ice baths, massage, ensuring adequate macronutrients (carbohydrate and protein) intake during and following exercise. However, how much these strategies actually reduce muscle soreness is debatable, and depends on the type of exercise being undertaken. It is also important to consider what the goal of exercise you are undertaking is, as soreness is associated with important processes that cause your muscle to adapt to exercise stress and improve its function over time. So if you don’t have to perform at your absolute best in the days following an exercise session, then some soreness is probably good.”

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