A water ozonising Ozone Generator

October 18, 2018  Source: drugdu 106


The Medical Ozone Generator with Water Ozonation Device for Topical Application is a top grade ozone generator manufactured by Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. available on Ddu (Drugdu.com), the leading global pharmaceuticals and medical devices online B2B platform.

This hi-tech new age Ozone Generator is the go-to machine for ozone therapy as it is equipped with a double touch color screen, smart human-computer interaction control panel for easy operation. It is made from aluminum alloy & ceramic dual dielectric surface discharge technology, which makes it highly efficient and gives it a long service life.

This ozone generator can be utilized for ozone therapy in cases of Intra Cervical and Lumbar Disc injection & Intra-articular to treat Cervical and Lumbar Disc Herniation and Osteoarticular diseases. It is also ideal for topical application for ozone in cases of burns, infected wounds; fresh lesions post surgery as it ozonizes water for the ozone therapy application.

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