3 Video Laryngoscopes to Look Out for

August 15, 2018  Source: Ddu 439

With the advent of video laryngoscopes, much of how intubations are done has changed. Medical personnel are now able to get a better view of airway structures thanks to the help of videolaryngoscopy. The popularity of this medical device has triggered the appearance of numerous products entering the market, all with a unique set of features.

Our Ddu (Drugdu.com) team has given us the scoop on a couple of these medical devices, to keep you updated with the medtech advances taking place in the field of videolaryngoscopy.

1. Reusable Video Laryngoscopes
With a reusable core and disposable blades, this videolaryngoscope ensures high efficiency every time. The low-cost disposable blades offer complete protection of the core from contact with the patient and simplified the intubation process due to swift assembly.


2. Disposable Anaesthetic Laryngoscopes
Ideal for emergency situations, ICUs and disaster relief, the fully disposable anesthetic laryngoscope provides the perfect solution for difficult medical conditions.


3. Endoscopic Video System Laryngoscopes
The advanced audio and video system of the endoscopic video system laryngoscope provides medical personnel with a clear view of a patient’s situation. The display screen can be adjusted to a 90⁰ angle and features a panoramic tilt of up to 270⁰. On top of this, both real-time and stored videos can beviewed via automatically connectable WiFi.


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