Veterinary medicine is in demand

September 18, 2018  Source: drugdu 70


Veterinary medicine is in demand as there is an increased awareness and acceptance of animal welfare and a surge in the adoption of animals are being seen. People are now more concerned about the health of their animals and seek for good quality veterinary medicines and healthcare products.

  Ddu ( caters to the need of animal-loving individuals and gives a platform to veterinary APIs and medicine suppliers to supply their products. The veterinary APIs and medicine suppliers/ manufacturers it is linked to are mentioned below:

Shandong Fumeile Animals Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is a veterinary pharmaceutical firm based in China that manufactures drugs like ceftiofur sodium, ampicillin sodium, sulfamethoxazole sodium, etc. which are antibiotics that fight infections specific to animals.

The Chinese company, Hangzhou Animate Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd supplies its feed additives, florfenicol powder and injections like oxytetracycline, florfenicol and multivitamin supplements for animals.

Caresono Technology Co.,Ltd manufactures ultrasound diagnostic equipment specially designed for use in animals.

Travetco Veterinary Medicine Company is another manufacturing company from Vietnam that supplies its Ampicotrim powder on Ddu.

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