Antibiotic-free Chicken by 2022 – Pizza Hut

June 20, 2018  Source: The Verge 182

With the impending antibiotic-resistance crises, Pizza Hut has pledged to only serve chicken products free of human-relevant antibiotics by 2022. American fast food is notorious for their antibiotic-filled meat products and it’s good to see measures being taken to mitigate some of the damage.

In a necessary effort to help curb the antibiotic-resistance issue, Pizza Hut’s efforts to extend the human-relevant antibiotic-free chicken from only their pizzas to all their chicken products, must be praised even though KFC has committed to achieving the same goal by the end of this year.

Human relevant antibiotics, or “antibiotics important to human medicine” as specified by the WHO, implies that only there will still be a certain amount antibiotics present in the products but it is a major step forward to when one considers the problem created by meat products filled with antibiotics.

By Ddu

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