New rapid Rabies test- LN34; developed by U.S Center for Disease Control

May 18, 2018  Source: Ddu 222

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention advanced the test called LN34, a rapid rabies test which is done on suspected animal and can transform the screening and spare humans from unnecessary painful treatment.  LN34 is highly accurate and produces results more quickly and cost-effectively than current methods.

"The new test has the potential to change the old-method soon, knowing who needs to receive rabies treatment, and who does not, will save lives and families' livelihoods" said study first author Crystal Gigante, a CDC microbiologist.

Rabies takes nearly 60,000 lives each year; it is deadly if not treated early. Regions like Africa and Asia are at higher risk. LN34 is believed to make screening faster and better test to avoid the weeks-long series of shots now given to prevent the disease for the people exposed to potentially rabid. The test, done on suspect animals, can be run on platforms which are already used to screen for the flu, tuberculosis, and HIV. 

More advantages of the LN34 test is that it doesn't require multi-training and can produce reliable results whether the animal tissue provided is fresh, frozen or decomposed.

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