Kiosks Becomes Vistas for Offering Pharmacy Services

June 8, 2018  Source: mHealthIntelligence 172

Kiosks are being used in Arizona to connect consumers to pharmacy services as part of a mobile health program tested in Arizona. The new services include video access to a pharmacist and prescription-filling.

Public locations have seen the deployment of six kiosks, called MedCenters, developed by MedAvail. These locations include grocery stores, pharmacies and clinics located in Phoenix and Tuscon partnering with Express Scripts. These MedCenters offer  24/7 access to online pharmacies and can be seen as a ‘pharma ATM’.

The installation of the kiosks has been hailed as a laudatory move for consumers. Not only does it ensure greater access and efficiency, but also streamlines the experience of providing medical counseling for patients who need the instructions in real time.

If deployed on a bigger scale, the technology has the capacity to dispense pharmacy services to university campuses, emergency rooms of hospitals, employer sites and community clinics.

According to the company, consumers will be able to receive their filled prescriptions within 90 seconds for specific chronic, acute and over-the-counter medications. They can also avail of the facility of chatting privately with a multi-lingual pharmacist through the kiosk or an mHealth app.

By Ddu