Brain U Online Delays Dementia

June 28, 2018  Source: MobiHealthNews 253

The subscription-based consumer-friendly service named Brain U Online provides cognitive tasks with exercise to delay the progression of dementia by 2.5 years and reduce its negative effect by 45%.

Dr. John DenBoer, CEO and founder of SMART Brain Aging, said “We developed Smart Brain Aging with one purpose: to help prevent, delay, and reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia so that patients can continue to live full, independent lives even after diagnosis; Let me be clear, this is not a ‘brain game'. It is the first and only scientifically-supported digital therapy program developed specifically for aging adults who want to maintain healthy brain function and those suffering from the early stages of dementia.”

More than 20,000 exercises are developed to focus on varied cognitive skills like processing concentration, memory, and speed. A virtual classroom setup is included for the users to engage in social activities and group conversations.

Dr. Paul Nussbaum, clinical neuropsychologist and adjunct associate professor in neurological surgery from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, said “Dr. Den Boer and his team have developed a program, based on many years of research and backed by scientific evidence, that has had a positive impact on improving and preserving the lives of thousands of aging individuals and dementia sufferers; We need to bring these types of intervention programs to more patients and caregivers so they can be empowered to live their best lives.”

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