Airo CT Imaging For Pediatrics

June 13, 2018  Source: MPO mag 240

It has been reported that the FDA has granted the approval of Mobius Imaging, LLC based Airo CT imaging utilization for pediatric patients. These pediatric patients can receive the clinical benefits of Airo CT imaging for diagnostic and intraoperative procedures hereafter.

In 2013, the Airo Mobile CT Imaging System had already received FDA clearance for non-pediatric patients where they could go for intraoperative, image-guided procedures in the field of neuro-spine surgery. The Airo diagnostic tool was also used for other applications in brachytherapy, radiation therapy and surgical imaging.

Hence the ability to provide Airo Mobile CT imaging for pediatrics section turned out to be a major milestone in the company's portfolio. This imaging tool could provide solutions for additional clinical segments and applications, without any negative side effects.
"There is an unmet need in being able to provide safe and reliable CT imaging for pediatric patients during various clinical procedures," explained Gene Gregerson, the CEO of Mobius Imaging. "CT systems must be designed and validated for safety and efficacy using different protocols than would be appropriate for adult patients. We are delighted to now be able to offer the benefits of Airo Mobile CT imaging to clinicians and their pediatric patients."

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