Nanobiotix NBTXR3 in Late Phase Clinical Trial

June 26, 2018  Source: FierceBiotech 202

Nanobiotix’s NBTXR3 phase 2/3 trial in soft tissue sarcoma is now moving towards its final stages. The remarkable success of the clinical trial has sent Nanobiotix’s stock rates to its upper level by more than 50%.

NBTXR3 is composed of crystalline nanoparticles to amplify the efficacy of radiation therapy. The idea is to administer NBTXR3 as intra-tumoral injections before external beam radiation therapy, thereby increasing the antitumor effect, and thus preparing the patient for surgical resection.

There are still secondary endpoints pending which will directly affect the future developments of NBTXR3.

Nanobiotix is also yet to share another data on secondary endpoints, which is relevant to the further developments of NBTXR3. The clinical trial has met a secondary endpoint which has reached the resection margins. However, it lacks details regarding NBTXR3’s effect on tumor volumes or objective response rates. These details affect the developments of NBTXR3 since it advances in other indications.

Jefferies analyst named Peter Welford mentioned in a comment, “These results could potentially lead to an expedited U.S. filing as a drug for accelerated approval vs. our base case 2022E U.S. launch.”

According to Welford, it is possible that the sales of NBTXR3 against soft tissue sarcoma will reach up to $175 million. He also believes that if NBTXR3 is used widely, the treatment for head and neck cancer could be easily worth $550 million per year.

By Ddu

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