Combination Drug Discovery Against Malaria

June 4, 2018  Source: drugdu 211

Malaria is considered one of the most deadly parasitic diseases without any ultimate therapy. According to World Health Organization (WHO) report in 2016, around $ 2.7 billion was invested in the control and elimination of malaria.

A team of scientists from Tubingen Institute of Tropical Medicine, and German company Deutschen Malaria GmbH, discovered a new combinational medicine which could effectively cure malarial without any side effects. The clinical trial study which includes safety, efficacy and tolerability for the drug combination Fosmidomycin and Piperaquine, was completed successfully. Nearly a one hundred percent cure was observed by administering this drug combination to the malaria patients for three days.

Peter Kremsner, the lead researcher cum professor from Tubingen Institute of Tropical Medicine said, "This study represents a milestone in the clinical research into Fosmidomycin,"

The consumption of this combinational drug for three days would stop the malaria pathogen from further metabolism and reproduction. The combinational drug Fosmidomycin and Piperaquine follows World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines in providing effective treatment and protection against relapse of a malarial infection. There was no cross-reaction between the two drugs. Even the mechanism of drug combination successfully excluded the chance of cross-resistance towards the body.

By Ddu