Preview — Global Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Exhibitions in February, 2018

February 2, 2018  Source: Ddu 535


Have you made your schedule for 2018? Take some time to consider your options and see what Ddu has planned this February!


  • Arab Health Exhibition 2018


February 5- 8, 2018


Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Brief Introduction

The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is the largest event of its kind in the Middle East. Arab Health provides an unrivalled platform for the world's leading manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to meet the medical and scientific community from the Middle East and beyond.


1. Laboratory equipment: testing and analysis equipment, diagnostic equipment, reagents and supplies, medical dressings and sanitary materials etc.

2. Biochemical exhibits: biochemical instruments, bio-pharmaceutical instruments, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, protein / phthalocyanine synthesis system, cleaning equipment and other consumables.

3. Analytical equipment: electronic and optical microscopes, electronic probes, optical and analyticalequipment.

Number of Estimated Attendees

600+ suppliers and 25, 000+ professional visitors



  • MD&M WEST 2018


February 6-8, 2018


Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA

Brief Introduction

You'll find the largest showcase of medtech suppliers in the country, plus a full spectrum of solutions across the advanced design and manufacturing supply chain, at the MD&M West expo. Whether you're interested in new materials, intelligent sensors, testing solutions, components, packaging, or anything else needed to bring your concept to market, you can source from more than 2,000 cutting-edge suppliers in a time-saving format. Free presentations, interactive events, and fun activities throughout the expo make this a can't-miss event.


Disposable medical supplies, therapeutic apparatus and accessories, testing and diagnostic equipment and accessories, electronic medical equipment, medical furniture, laboratory supplies, X-ray CT medical equipment products, auxiliary products for the disables, care and rehabilitation equipment, monitoring equipment, medical packaging materials , ophthalmic equipment, dental equipment, minimally invasive medical imaging products, medical packaging, biochemical products, home care products, medical cutting instruments etc.

Number of Estimated Attendees

2,000+ suppliers and 20, 000+ professional visitors


  • Medical Japan 2018


Feb. 21 - 23, 2018 



Brief Introduction

MEDICAL JAPAN, consisting of 7 specialised shows, is Japan’s largest trade show which covers all the products/ services/ technologies for healthcare, clinical testing, diagnostics and medicine. With great support from The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan, MEDICAL JAPAN is attracting attention.


1. Medical Devices and Supplies: medical devices, hospital supply centers, medical imaging, IVD, etc.

2. Nursing and care supplies, medical and health materials, disposable medical supplies, etc.

3. Pharmaceutical production equipment, medical supplies packaging machines, medical containers, pharmaceutical ingredients

4. Hospital IT system, wearable medical equipment, telemedicine, etc.

5. Medical device accessories, raw materials of medical devices, medical catheters, filters, syringe pumps.

Number of Estimated Attendees

1,200+ suppliers and 38, 000+ professional visitors



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